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Clear Creek Cat Rescue Cat Bios

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Houdini is a large, handsome boy with a tuxedo coat. He is slim now but when he gets back to his normal weight he may be 20 pounds. He’s about 11 years old.

Houdini has been through a long rough patch. He came to us as a stray who had been out on his own for quite a while. He was a mess, ragged, skinny, and terrified. He hid out for weeks and weeks, would creep out at night to eat and drink and then go back to this high hiding place. We thought he might be feral. But then, the turnaround. He watched the other cats and decided that they were doing okay and he began to allow the foster to make contact. And then a sudden realization that he really was safe and cared for and he turned into the sweetest, lovable boy.

Houdini has a microchip and we were able to find the owner (who will not take him back). He disappeared from their home 3 or 4 years ago. So whether this amazing guy has been totally on his own all that time or was fed or cared for by someone else, we do not know. But we are sure that he has been through enough stress and hardship that what he needs now is a loving forever family.

He is fine with the other cats and dogs and the kids too.  A little stand offish, but does like to cuddle in your lap. So much so his sense of boundaries doesn’t exist and he will simply just walk and lay on anybody or anything just to get some love and attention. He is so fine that sometimes he seems to have no boundaries. This wonderful guy needs a great family with a yard and a lot of love to give.

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